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Limited Liability Company (LLC) Setup in Dubai,  UAE

Limited Liability Company (LLC) Formation with ACT’s Free Sponsorship

Limited Liability Companies (LLC) are the most widely setup legal forms in the UAE, as they give companies complete freedom to function in the UAE market. While limiting the liability of the shareholders to their own share in the company. 

The procedure and requirements for setting up an LLC in Dubai are straightforward, 

An individual looking to establish an LLC in the UAE will have to meet the following requirement: 

  • Local Partner (Emirati National): This individual holds 51% of Shares in the company.
  • Foreign Shareholders: An LLC can be formed between 2-50 partners, all foreign investors combined own 49% of shares. 
  • Capital Requirement: A minimum capital is required for the setting up of LLCs and this differs for different business activity, number of partners and so on.

What are the Benefits of LLC Company Formation in UAE? 

  • Limits the liability of the investor in the company. 
  • An LLC allows you wider access to all the Emirates (cities) in the UAE, while other forms within freezones are technically only allowed to trade within their freezones and their jurisdictions.
  • An LLC in the UAE is 100% tax exempted. 
  • Though shares and equity of the LLC have a restriction on 49% foreign investment, profits and losses incurred are shared in a different ratio. 
  • 3-year Investor Visa for individual investing in the LLC

How to Setup an LLC in the UAE? 

The basic procedure for setup of LLCs in the UAE is as follows:

  1. First, understand the Activity group that your business activity fits into. For more information, head to our License & Activity Group page
  2. Reserve your company name at the Department of Economic Development (DED). 
  3. Draft Memorandum of Association, and have it signed at the Notary with all partners present. 
  4. Obtain regulatory approvals linked to the specific area / nature of business you wish to provide under the selected group and activity.
  5. Submit all documents and papers that are requested for different licenses and activity types to the DED.
  6. Once license is issued, company is registered with authorized industry & commerce department. 

Free Sponsorship and more when you Setup LLC in Dubai with ACT PRO & Business Services

ACT’s years of experience in setting up LLCs in the Dubai, has allowed us to create streamlined packages and checklists that can assure that the investor’s LLC is setup with:

  1. Free Sponsorship: Save on annual sponsorship fee, and simultaneously outsource your PRO requirements to ACT.
  2. Provision of Local Sponsor / service agent in UAE to represent the 51% requirement needed by law under the legal form.
  3. Provision of support documentation and powers to secure your rights in the LLC.
  4. Dedicated Account Manager to manage your LLC Setup.
  5. 100% Transparency – Copies of Original bills from Government Agencies. 
  6. Assistance with PRO requirements of hiring new staff.