5 Ideas for your Office Christmas Party

5 Ideas for your Office Christmas Party

It’s hard to disagree that Dubai is at its prettiest in December. The weather is perfect, the city is lit up by the festive reds and greens celebrating the UAE National Day, Christmas and the year gone by.

And with the end of another year, comes the same old ‘Office Christmas Dinner’. Trying to decide on a fun alternative to the ordinary the ACT team has selected some unique and exciting activities that would be more up to speed with our fun loving staff. And being the good Samaritans that we are, we’d like to share some of the ideas with you and save you from another year of boring and basic dinners.

1. Snowmen and Skiing

Ski Dubai… NO! I will not mention the fact that there is ‘Snow in the Desert!!!’ simply because it’s been used an infinite number of times and you’ve got to agree it is lame. Saying that, Ski Dubai has some pretty cool corporate packages (pun intended) that are ideal for the spirit of Christmas.

They’ve got a Snowman Build off, Ski Master Classes that are fun and also great opportunities for team building. They’ve got penguins that you can interact with and train, and after you could even start an impromptu snow ball fight and take aim at the colleague that’s been giving you grief. And when the Dubai in you can’t take the cold anymore, you’ve got plenty of hot chocolate to keep you warm!

 Check out Ski Dubai Corporate offers here!

2. Christmas Barbeque and Picnic

If the snowy mountains of Mall of the Emirates are not really your thing, we’ve got a warmer and sunnier option for you. How does a beach barbeque at one of the nicest parks in Dubai sound?

The Mamzar Park, on the borders of Dubai and Sharjah, has got it all. A beach, barbeque stations, Chalets, Jet Skiing, an amphitheatre and so much more.

The right spot to set up camp for a bigger group of people, grill some burgers, maybe even host a couple of games (maybe a football match, or a tug of war), and just have a laidback day.

3. Cruises, Yachts and Fishing Trips

Want to bond with your staff away from the buzz of the city, then the many water activities offered in Dubai might be right for you. A cruise across the creek might give the staff a chance to enjoy the scenery of old Dubai. Renting a yacht for a ride across the marina or on a fishing trip, might be a more peaceful option and even give the staff a chance to swim in the sea while the weather is still cooperating.

4. Clues, Hunts and Mind Races

If your employees prefer a less outdoorsy kind off celebration and are looking to test their riddle solving skills, the rather new concept of escape rooms might be the best way for your team to celebrate Christmas. The Escape Room as featured on “The Intimacy Acceleration” episode of Big Bang Theory, is a challenging mind game where participants are locked and expected to make their way out by solving a set of puzzles. Perfect for smaller groups of employees, and to compete between two groups of employees to see who can solve the puzzle faster.

List of Escape Rooms

5. Unwind in the many theme parks of UAE

The constant climbing up the corporate ladder can be extremely taxing and frustrating, and sliding down water slides may be the best way to counter and relieve the stress of your employees. If you want to go big, the whole of Wild Wadi can be rented out. Or you could compete with your colleagues to see who has screams the loudest on the Formula Rossa.

Ferrari World Corporate Events

Wild Wadi Corporate Events

6. A Movie Screening

Everyone enjoys going to the movies, drinking overpriced coke and hogging on nachos and popcorn, so arranging a private movie screening may be a nice treat for your employees. Vox Cinemas offers a luxurious ‘Gold Experience,’ with fully reclining seats, VIP service and gourmet food. The Jumeirah Zabeel Saray also has its own private cinema for a small crowd of 29 people, if you are looking for a fancier affair.

Zabeel Saray Private Cinema

Other options worth checking out!

We hope that our list helps you plan a fun-filled day for your team, don’t forget to check in on our Christmas celebrations on our Instagram and Facebook page.