From tomorrow (Wednesday, May 27), Dubai is all set to reopen most business activities that had been closed as a precautionary measure against the spread of Covid-19.

A stringent hygiene protocol has been spelt out as the emirate reopens leisure venues like cinemas and recreational venues like Dubai Dolphinarium, among others.

Here is all you need to know.

  • Retail and Wholesale (70%)
  • Airport, operating for returning UAE Residents and transit passengers after authorities approval.
  • Clinics, including ENT and dentistry (no aerosol generating procedures), expanding permitted elective surgeries to those with duration of 2.5 hours or less.
  • Educational and training institutes, and child learning and therapy centers.(50%)
  • Sports academics, indoor gyms, sports and fitness clubs(no showers, spa, saunas, massages)(50%)
  • Cinemas, with continued social distancing and regular disinfection in place.
  • Entertainment and leisure attractions (no events, no gatherings), such as Dubai Ice Rink, Dolphinarium etc (50%)
  • Auctions, with online auctions preferred over physical when possible.(50%)
  • Outsourced government service centers(like Amer)
  • Seniors and children therapy centers located in malls:
    Allow seniors (60 and above) and kids (12 and below), when accompanied by an adult, the admission to the mall if only a proof of an appointment with the centers is presented. This should be communicated clearly to the security, and staff within the mall to ensure more synchronized efforts in dealing with such cases.

General Restrictions

  • Normal operations and working hours must be aligned to federal directives on national sterilization program hours.
  • Ensure all individuals (whether staff/employees or visitors/guests/customers/passengers/patients) entering any facility or engaging in any
    activity to undergo mandatory temperature screening.
  • Mandatory installation of contactless hand sanitizer dispensers at all common areas.
  • 50% capacity for some activities.
  • Social distancing (2M).
  • Home/institutional quarantine for returning UAE residents.
  • Hygiene & personal protection.
  • Sterilization & use of disposables.

The information is extracted from Dubai Media Office twitter account and Khaleejtimes website.

Protocols update – Wholesale and Retail Trade

All previously announced protocols to be maintained, plus the following amendments:

  • Increase occupancy ceiling to 70 % of common areas and gross leasable areas, and increase capacity level of staffing to 70%
  • All mall operators should synchronize their protocols, and measures with the reopened establishments within the malls, to ensure maximum
    safety measures are aligned and followed.
  • Malls and retail outlets can choose their most preferred operating hours, anytime between 6 AM – 10 PM.
  • Mall operators shall synchronize all their processes and procedures with the facilities and establishments reopening inside the mall.
  • Only 30% of the mall parking to remain closed.
  • All F&B outlets and food courts are allowed to operate at their own capacity, while maintaining the hygiene, sanitization, and social distancing. Regardless of the capacity, they should all maintain placing tables 2 meters apart for all customers or set up separators/screens between tables. Take away are encouraged.
  • All F&B outlets that are licensed to serve alcohol, serving alcoholic beverages are still limited to tables and when ordering meals. All bars will
    remain closed.
  • All elevators must have markings on the floor that indicate social distancing and users must comply by standing on these markings. Priority is
    given to persons with special needs and pregnant women.
  • Categories not permitted to enter the mall include:
    • Children under 12 years, and children of any age groups with medical conditions.
    • Elderly above 60 years old
    • High risk individuals with medical conditions [applicable to all age groups]

Protocols update – Other activities

All previously announced protocols for economic activities to be maintained, plus the following amendments:
Salons & barbers (hair and nail only) by appointment

  • All salons and barbers will operate at 50% capacity for all services (excluding, spa, sauna, Moroccan hammam /bath or massages), no home service permitted.
  • All kids salons (outside the malls) will reopen at 50% capacity for all services permitted to all salons. These salons will follow all the measures and protocols set previously for adults salons and barber shops. With additional measures below:
  • The following additional measures below must be taken into consideration by all salons:
    • The kids salons are strictly for child only facilities.
    • Appointments and ticketing system must be strictly followed.
    • Physical spacing of customers and hair/nail stations and other related services of at least 2M.
    • Face masks must be worn by client mask can be adjusted for very short time periods during certain procedures (e.g. trimming hair behind ears, beard shave) if absolutely necessary.
    • Face masks, face shield and overall must be worn by the treatment provider while providing all type of services.
    • One adult (<60 years) can supervise a maximum of three children with only one aged between 1 and 5.
    • Surface/chair decontamination must be performed after each client and clients encouraged to wash/sanitize hands before and after use.
    • Remove all waiting / seating area inside or in front of the salon/barbershop.
    • Temperature check on arrival and clients exhibiting symptoms will not be permitted to enter the premises.
    • Strict penalties for providers not adhering to the government protocols.

Offices/Office Buildings & Social Welfare Services

  • Offices to resume to normal operating hours post Ramadan.
  • Increase occupancy ceiling to 50% of common areas and within office premises.
  • Increase capacity level of staffing to 50%.
  • All elevators must have markings on the floor that indicate social distancing and users must comply by standing on these markings.

Valet Parking

  • All valet parking services across all permitted industries and businesses are allowed, while ensuring that precautionary and preventive
    measures are followed by all staff:

    • Wearing gloves and masks at all times.
    • Wearing protective face shield if coming in direct contact with customers/guests.
    • Changing gloves and sanitizing hands after every car valet service is mandatory.
    • Use of disposable covers for the seats and steering wheels.
    • Regular cleaning and disinfecting the operated parking facilities, equipment, cars common surfaces.
    • Each valet station to have sanitizing wipes that are used to wipe down the steering wheel, gear stick, and any other surface touched
      (e.g. key fob) before handing over the car.
    • Valet attendant to keep the AC on for sometime before delivering the car back to the guests (while keeping the doors and windows
      open) to achieve right amount of fresh air/air circulation. Valet attendant can also use fogging sanitation or special strong fans for
      ventilation purposes.

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