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Professional Consulting PRO Services in Dubai

We are a reputable business consultancy and PRO services company in UAE, with a team of disciplined industry experts who strive to support our clients in corporate compliance, every step of the way. Our team has immense experience in consulting on PRO services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the rest of UAE. Hiring ACT for your Corporate PRO services in Dubai will save you time and money while having a trusted PRO services provider.

Our goal as a corporate services provider is to manage the administrative requirements of our clients while ensuring complete compliance, information, and transparency on all outsourced PRO services provided.

What is consultant PRO service in Dubai?

A Public Relations Officer (PRO) manages all your paperwork and administrative tasks related to your company’s legal requirement, such as guiding you through the necessary legal steps, facilitating commercial permit renewals, labor contracts, and fulfilling requisites from the immigration department. A PRO maintains seamless operations ensuring compliance as per industry or jurisdiction requirements in the UAE.

Why consult with PRO services companies in Dubai?

When outsourcing your document clearing services to PRO services companies in Dubai, you reduce your in-house team’s administrative work enabling your core team to concentrate on strategic jobs. Additionally, with UAE law seeing dynamic changes every year, it is challenging to keep up to date with new compliance laws without expertise and timely updates from administrative institutions.

These are the major advantages of outsourcing your document clearing services to a corporate services provider. After 15 years in the industry, we are a trusted PRO services company by multinational and medium sized firms. You are assured of one of the best PRO services in Dubai when working with our consultants.


Document Clearing Services in Dubai

The below list of PRO services in Dubai will be included in your contract. All packages are customizable and will be tailor made by your experienced PRO consultant.

  • Trade license renewal in Dubai with consultancy
  • Offer Letters
  • Regulatory body support and liaison services
  • New employment visa process
  • Company immigration card renewal
  • Renewal of employment
  • Company Establishment card update
  • Cancellation of employment
  • Quota applications and modifications
  • Emirates ID typing and applications
  • Labour card updates
  • New emirates ID processing
  • Labour card renewals
  • Renewal of Emirates ID
  • Expiry alerts and weekly updates
  • Labour and Immigration support services
  • PO Box renewals
  • Additional business services tailored for UAE clients
  • Unlimited Consultancy

Focus on your core business.

Leave the paperwork to us.









Advantages of choosing ACT as your

PRO Services Company in Dubai

Up to 60% Cost Savings on PRO Services and Administration

Hiring an in-house PRO increases your cost-to-company compared to outsourcing your PRO jobs. Apart from a salary, an experienced PRO will have to provided with employment documents, insurance, end of benefits and high operational cost (like transport and other allowances).

Expiry Alerts & Weekly Updates

To ensure you never receive a fine on renewals, you will be sent an alert well in advance for all your company documents and commercial license renewals as we begin the process of reapplications.

Dedicated Account Manager

Your account manager will be your point of contact for guidance and updates on all services mentioned in your contract.

Reduce Unnecessary Fees

We analyze and suggest every area where you can save or eliminate costs in the company set-up, licensing, documents applications and MOL Class.

Secure Data Storage

Your employee and company data are encrypted and safely stored in our customized, internal CRM system. Firewalls and malware protectors ensure additional protection.

Secure Document Conveyance

All your documents are picked up and dropped off by our in-house messengers at your preferred location and stored in secure lock bags which no one can access except you. A unique code will be set to open the bag and retrieve your company documents.

No Hidden Fees

Original receipts of all transactions paid for your Public Relations PRO jobs will be provided to you to ensure transparency. Additionally, we provide a detailed breakdown of the expenses incurred, not a consolidated invoice.

Updates on Compliance & Corporate Laws

We send memos to alert or educate you on revisions in UAE regulations and procedures, that are relevant to your business.

We understand the market and keep ourselves updated on the ever-changing process and information for setting up and running a business. As your corporate partner, it is our responsibility to provide accurate and up-to-date information to our clients based on their needs. Hence, we develop tailor-made solutions for all government PRO services in Dubai, and other parts of the UAE.

PRO Services in Dubai – Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide in a PRO Contract?

Some of our services are listed below. Your contract will be customized based on your company’s requirements.

  • Renewal of trade license
  • Offer Letters
  • Regulatory body support and liaison services
  • New employment process
  • Company immigration card renewal
  • Renewal of employment 
  • Company Establishment card update
  • Cancellation of employment
  • Quota applications and modifications
  • Document typing and applications
  • Labour card updates
  • New emirates ID processing
  • Labour card renewals
  • Renewal of emirates ID
  • Expiry alerts and weekly updates
  • Labour and Immigration support services
  • PO Box renewals
  • Additional services tailored for the client
  • Consultancy Support

What are the charges of ACT’s PRO Services?

The pricing of every PRO Service contract is based on the following criteria:

  • Number of commercial licenses
  • Jurisdiction of the licenses
  • The complexity of the activity on the license and compliance linked to the regulatory bodies
  • The number of employees held under each commercial license
  • Any additional special services required by a company

Is pricing based on monthly retainer or charged per job?

We offer monthly retainers as well as case-by-case pricing. Your retainer contract is valid for 1 year but if you are unhappy with our services, you can end the contract anytime with 2 months’ notice.

Do you deal with employees directly for document renewals and Emirates ID delivery?

It’s your decision. Our interaction with any of your staff is decided by your company management and will be detailed clearly in your contract.

How much is the cost of employment documents?

The cost is subject to many factors. For example, costs in freezone differs from onshore visa cost. Contact our consultant for details.

Do you provide services onshore or freezone?

We offer our services in both onshore and freezone jurisdictions.

Do you provide payroll and HR services?

Yes, we provide complete Payroll and HR Administrative support including WPS compliance, overtime calculation, End of Service calculation, offer letters and labour contracts.

Can you represent us in the necessary institutions?

Yes, with supporting documents wherever necessary. This will be mutually agreed and detailed clearly in your ACT PRO Services Contract.

Can you handle all our legal and licensing compliance?

Yes, our team is experienced in managing legalities and compliance in various industries and all jurisdictions in the UAE

What our clients say

“Act Pro and Business Services have been the best solutions providers that I have come across and I have been with them for the last six years!!

Very professional in their approach towards their customer’s problems to being well organized in the execution with the solutions!!

I would strongly recommend their services.”

Medium Sized Company
Consultancy Firm

“Fast, efficient and knowledgeable. Finally, a company which believes in giving the customer value for money.

I recommend ACT PRO to anyone looking to set up an operation in the UAE or seeking advice on local business practices and finally requiring honest sponsorship.”

Medium Sized Company
Insurance Brokerage

“Excellent service provided by the team.

Always ready to help and very clear on advice and always cooperative in all business affairs.

They are professional and very courteous and transparent. Big thanks to the whole ACT team.”

Large Company
Luxury Services