HR & Admin Support


Our Services Included

  • Onboarding support services
  • Offboarding support services
  • Job description and offer letter generation and management.
  • HR file management.
  • Labour dispute & law labour consultancy
  • WPS support services.
  • Labour department support services.

Outsourcing  HR and administration activities in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and the UAE is a viable cost-effective solution to the business. Firstly, it helps minimize employer risk whilst saving time and money. Handling employees’ documentation is time-consuming and sensitive activity. This data should be handled with caution to ensure local legal and data security measures are met.  Furthermore, the importance of accurate information helps to streamline the residency visa process. An effective HR process can protect the company from employee disputes, provide consistency on payroll and heighten the employee experience within the organisation.  This allows the Human Resource department to focus on their core responsibilities, saving time, money and providing further transparency and security.

ACT offers custom-made annual Corporate HR & Administration activities support services. These are designed to eliminate the need for a dedicated HR and Administration department to care for the assets in the company while adhering to the rules and regulations of the UAE.


One of the most important advantages to outsourcing HR and Administration activities is the financial benefit. You can remove the cost linked to the direct hire of employees whilst still availing the support and services of a professional party. Outsourcing also removes leave cover, the office footprint and indirect costs to the individual whose role has been outsourced.  You spend less on hiring and training and allow for your senior HR management team to focus on there core role and responsibilities.

Cost savings come from several areas, including:

  • Spending less time on HR activities frees up time to spend on strategic sales, growth goals and increasing revenues. Research shows that despite working an average of 50 hours or more per week, business owners only spend about 30% of that time on actual business functions.  In fact, the administrative tasks consume the balance.

To outsource your companies HR & Administration Activities, you can contact our experts for a free consultation. We will help you with proper guidelines and cost-effective methods.