A Commercial trade license is one of three license types and most commonly used, that one can obtain and have issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED). The other two license types are a professional license and an industrial license. A commercial trade license is issued to companies who are looking to provide any kind of trading service, import and export related activities and any other service-based industry. Irrespective to the jurisdiction, whether it be a Free zone or mainland, a commercial license type will be linked to the type of service/activity held, to operate legally in the UAE or Free zone.

Before applying for a commercial trade license, be clear and finalize the correct type of activity required, to meet your desired commercial objective, to be performed under the proposed company. Up to 10 activities from the main group of the main activity selected can be added to a commercial license, to cover the scope of commercial offerings you wish to market in the UAE.

The process of setting up a commercial trade license

Before applying for a business license, you need to go through several processes. It involves getting approvals from the government and the economic department. The documents, that you need to submit regarding company formation, must be cleared from different agencies. If you don’t know the exact process, it will be confusing and time-consuming. As a result, this might end in additional expenditure.

The process of setting up a license is not a simple task. It’s important to have transparency on what you want to do, what is linked from a government requirement. Furthermore the total understanding of the governances and rules that will be imposed on the desired set up. Many providers make it sound quick and seamless. However, it is important that they first appreciate and understand your goals and objectives as a commercial entity before advising on the best structure and set up. ACT PRO & Business Services has its unique method of ensuring our clients are informed and that we understand the desired goal, objective and expectation of our client to ensure we deliver on the same, whilst ensuring they are protected and supported throughout the process.

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