PRO Service Company in UAE

We’ll let you in on a little secret, ACT doesn’t employ your average Joes and Janes. ACT is like the Avengers of the PRO world, or if you’re a DC fan, the Justice League. Every one of our superheroes has come together to keep Dubai safe from the dishonest and deceiving PROs.

The first metahuman that we’d like to introduce you to is Black Ice. Ice, a nurse in her previous life, left behind the comforts of her picturesque mountainous hometown and joined our cause last year.

We spoke to her to find out a little more about her identity:

Your superpower

Black Ice: I can’t and won’t reveal this to you. I can’t afford to have anyone knowing and using it against ACT and me…

Favourite thing about ACT

Black Ice: The stress! The never-ending challenge and learning, and the sense of accomplishment when I save a client from a horrible fate.


Black Ice: Wearing black, but I am also currently working on creating a darker color than black. I do like to read but I don’t get too much time as I spend so much time shopping for black outfits.

OBF (Office Best Friend)

Black Ice: Professor Xavier aka Pradeep, he’s my guru and my lifeline.

Your plans for ACT and yourself

Black Ice: For ACT to grow and save all of Dubai from the shady and untrustworthy PRO service providers. And for me to shrink in size, managing such a big operation from my chair, has had an effect on my weight.

I know you’re intrigued, check back next month to meet another hero on our team!

Until then, be safe and don’t let those PRO’s get you!