Superheroes of ACT: Crimson Rider

Superheroes of ACT: Crimson Rider

In this edition of Superheroes of ACT, we introduce you to the Crimson Rider. Travelling at the speed of light on the roads of Dubai, Crimson Rider is the bearer of good news.

He joined the task force against the miscreant PROs of Dubai less than a year ago and is constantly on the go, picking up crucial information from people in need and only returning when he can tell them that their problems have been solved.

We tried to catch up with the mysterious man, to get him to reveal something or just anything about himself:Superheroes of act: Crimson rider

Your Superpower

Crimson Rider: I am actually undetectable by traffic radars… This could get me in trouble with the law, but first they’d have to catch me!

Favorite thing about ACT

Crimson Rider: I get to ride my bike in this perfect weather, while the rest of Dubai sits at a desk.


Crimson Rider: Bike racing with the gang during the weekends.

OBF (Office Best Friend)

Crimson Rider: No one, I prefer to ride alone.

Your dream bike

Crimson Rider: Ducati Streetfighter

As you can see, we didn’t get too far, but it’s okay since the Crimson Rider’s work does all the talking for him. He’s just a secretive vigilante who doesn’t have time for small talk!

We’ll see you next month, introducing you to one of our other heroes.

Until then, be safe and don’t let those PROs get you!