Superheroes of ACT: The Anti-Riddler

Superheroes of ACT: The Anti-Riddler

So you’ve all probably heard of The Riddler, the smooth-talking, puzzle-crazy supervillain that terrorizes Gotham. What you don’t know is that The Riddler has a twin, a twin who has the same attraction to riddles and wordplay but that’s really where the similarity ends. The Anti-Riddler, our noble and ethical warrior uses his riddles not to create confusion but to enlighten people about the dangers of the dishonest PRO, and his mystic speech saves the people of Dubai every day. He solves the often puzzling processes in the UAE and helps the people understand them in his own enigmatic way.

We interviewed him to find out if he had been in touch with his brother and knew if Batman emerged victorious in the new Batman vs Superman. However, we didn’t get far, but we did find out some interesting things about the man.

Your Superpower

You think you know, till I ask you what you know.

Then you don’t know, till I tell you what you need to know.

Favorite thing about ACT

The Anti-Riddler: I learn and I teach, I feel complete.


The Anti-Riddler: I am intrigued by two things, first is stays in a corner but travels the world and the second may be head or tail, but has neither.

OBF (Office Best Friend)

The Anti-Riddler: The darkest ice you’ll ever see, The baldest genius you’ll ever meet.

Your Plans for ACT & yourself

The Anti-Riddler: To be at a stage where answers to the questions How to set up a business in Dubai and Best PRO service are answered with ACT PRO & Business Services.

What an enigma, we’re not sure if you know what his answers to our questions were, so here’s an answer key.


The Anti-Riddler: Stamp & Coin collections


The Anti-Riddler: Black Ice & Professor Xavier

We’ll see you next month,

Until then, be safe and don’t let those PROs get you!