Want to expand business in the UAE? Here’s What You Need to Know

The UAE Commercial Law provides foreign investors with two options in relation to their expansion into the UAE. Each of these legal forms gives the company varying amounts of access to function in the local market.

The Foreign Branch Office and Representative Office legal forms, allow foreign companies to establish a presence in the UAE while retaining 100% ownership. The offices function as extensions of the parent company and have no separate legal identity. The parent company remains liable for all activities conducted under the branch/representative license.



Branch Office

A branch office permits the investor to set up a full-fledged business that permits to perform all activities similar to its parent company (depending on activities) as specified in the license at the time of incorporation.

Representative Office

A representative office is strictly restricted to advertising and marketing of services and products that the parent company deals in. The office is not permitted to earn and engage in profit-making activities.



Appointing a Local Service Agent (LSA)

An LSA is an Emirati national or a corporate entity owned exclusively by Emirati nationals.


Trade Name & Initial Approval

Trade Name must be reserved and application to be made to the Department of Economic Development (DED).


Application & Submission of Relevant Documents at the Ministry of Economy (MOE)

All documents and information relating to the Parent company and intended business model must be submitted for approval at the government authority in charge, MOE.


Obtaining License from DED

Application is then made to DED, with information relating to proposed office space that the company will occupy in the UAE.


Completion of Administrative Tasks

The next step involves the signing of the lease for office, opening bank account, and applications for hiring new employees that are hired by a company appointed PRO.


Register as a member at Chamber of Commerce & Industry

The branch or representative office will finally be registered as a member at the Chamber of Commerce by completing a similar application as the at the DED.

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