ACT PRO & Business Services was started by childhood friends Ahmed Al Suwaidi, a member of the influential Al Suwaidi family of Sharjah, and Michael Samuel, British national born and raised in the Emirates. Originally established to manage the internal requirements of the company, their expansion was a result of the lack of professional and elite Government-Administration service providers in the country. Filling in the role of a focused and intelligent partner, ACT emerged as a support system for businesses concerned with matters relating to governmental procedures in the UAE.

Through a unique fusion of Emirati and British management, professional methodology, our deep experience in the industry, and our contacts, ACT Pro & Business Services has positioned itself as an industry leader who understands the needs of our clients and the unique working style of the UAE. We provide transparency, efficiency, business consultancy, and total back office support network. We are committed to helping you navigate the waters and ensuring the success of your business in the United Arab Emirates.

Why ACT is unique?

Our Core Values


We ensure that you are extensively involved in the process and have access to every detail


We hold ourselves accountable to our clients for the services contracted.


We believe good open communication is the key to any successful partnership.


We are always looking to evolve and develop our process in the interest of perfecting our service.

Encourage New Ventures

Outsource Your PRO Services with ACT

We actively equip our clients with the ability to focus on their core business by providing comprehensive Administrative, Government, and HR outsourcing solutions. We promise to redefine clarity in business by offering transparent and consistent information.

Our Services

Our Vision

To replace the need for Administration & PRO departments within SMEs whilst providing transparent, efficient, and cost effective solutions.

Our Mission

By providing complete Administrative, Government and HR outsourcing solutions, we enable our clients to concentrate on their core business.

What We Do

ACT Pro & Business Services is a complete Government HR support system that provides businesses in the UAE assistance with all activities related to legal administration.