Corporate PRO Services in Dubai


Corporate PRO Services

Why Outsource Your Corporate PRO Services?

By outsourcing your companies PRO services, you save and avail the following benefits:

  1. Save Time
  2. Save Money
  3. Reduce your exposure to risk
  4. Increase data security and protection
  5. Ensure full compliance and have access to up to date legal regulatory requirements and laws
  6. Reduce quota and office space requirements
  7. Increase transparency and visibility on the financial costs and logistics associated with all pro services

For a company to operate in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and the UAE, they require a license and company setup. Therefore they have to submit and work with government offices to legally operate in the UAE. As a result, they apply for services to maintain the legal status to operate in the UAE. Such services include Trade license renewals, New Company/Branch set up and new trade license applications. Linked to this are the immigration and labour department files and regulatory bodies.

The HR and administration departments manage all employee’s sponsored by these companies. They also manage all the pro services needed for issuing work permits and visas. Along with the obligations of companies linked to the employment of employees and the local labour law. As a result, HR and Administration departments spend a lot of time managing these pro services linked to government offices. Time would be better spent on core responsibilities and allow a pro services provider to manage these processes instead.

Our Responsibility as a Corporate PRO Services Provider

We understand the market and changing processes and information. It is our responsibility to provide accurate up to date information to our clients based on their needs. Because of those needs, we have developed a total tailored one-stop solution for all government pro services. Our goal is to manage the entire pro services requirement of our clients. Whilst ensuring full compliance, information, and transparency on all pro services provided.

Benefits of ACT’s Corporate PRO Services Package?

Save time and money and avail free Sponsorship and service agent services, when outsourcing your PRO services to ACT Pro & Business Services LLC. Our packages are tailored to your specific needs and company requirement. These packages are designed to remove day to day complexities and delays linked to the government process for your companies. Let ACT review your corporate structure, provide you with corporate sponsorship and corporate service agent services. We ensure you are up to date with all local requirements linked to your company and employees. Let us help you reduce risk, save money, reduce fines, delays and time. Let us provide you with total peace of mind, so you may focus on your core business.

How Do We Design Our Corporate PRO Services For Our Clients?

We design our PRO services contracts based on the following criteria;

  • Number of trade licenses
  • The complexity of the activity on the trade license and compliance linked to the regulatory bodies
  • The number of visa’s held under each trade license
  • The additional special services required per company
  • Jurisdiction of the trade licenses
  • Any special regulatory requirement per license
  • Number of branch licenses

Each PRO Services contract allows for easy growth and flexibility whilst maintaining a competitive cost-effective edge as an outsource partner.

Who is Our PRO Services Team?

Our PRO services team, are multi-disciplined industry experts, who strive to support our clients every step of the way. Our team has extensive industry experience in the provision of pro services across Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE. Hiring ACT as your Corporate PRO services provider will save you money and man-hours whilst having a trusted partner.


Our Services Includes:
  • Renewal of trade license
  • Company immigration card renewal
  • Set up of branch license’s
  • Company labour card renewals
  • New company formation
  • Labour support
  • Residency visa cancellation
  • New residency visa processing
  • Labour quota applications
  • Immigration card updates
  • Labour card updates
  • Regulatory body license renewal
  • Labour contracts
  • Regulatory body support and liaison services
  • Offer letters
  • Employment visa process
  • New emirates ID processing
  • Renewal of emirates ID
  • Labour contract changes
  • Quota modifications
  • Visa alerts and weekly updates
  • WPS support services
  • Labour and immigration support services
  • Special services tailored to client
  • P.O box renewal
  • Consultancy support on labour category

Our Corporate PRO Services Package Promises

  • Savings of up to 60% on Admin & PRO Cost
  • Data protection
  • Free Local Sponsorship*
  • Secure information
  • Secure movement of information
  • Updates on laws and compliance
  • 100% Transparency
  • 100% Accountability
  • Consolidated statements of account
  • Provision of original government receipts and invoices
  • Up to date reliable and accurate information
  • One Dedicated Account Manager
  • T&C’s apply

Signing an annual contract with us allows you to avail of Free Sponsorship or Free service agent services. ACT wants to support the growth of your business and quantify the services we provide.

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