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Outsourcing PRO services will help your company to save time, money, and get transparent pro services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah

In the past, you may have been in a situation where a simple visa procedure would drag on. So, instead of standing in long queues, you have the option of outsourcing your Corporate PRO Service requirements.

Here is why you should outsource to a pro services company in Dubai

ACT PRO offers companies in the UAE, pro contracts that cover the management of all government-related activities. Hence, signing a PRO Service contract with a PRO company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah gives you the following benefits:

1. Knowledgeable Partner

We keep ourselves updated with any change in the rules and regulations by the government in the PRO and government liaison industry. This enables us to keep you updated and process tasks accurately and quickly. Therefore, choosing ACT PRO means choosing a quick, comprehensive, intuitive, agile, and future-proof service provider.

2. Save Time

 We are efficient in obtaining all permits, visas, and other documentation as we are experts and understand the PRO procedures in the UAE. Time means everything for a business. Hence, hiring a good PRO service provider helps improve the workflow within the organization.

3. No More Fines or Delays

Administration departments within companies lack the expertise and work on a trial & error basis resulting in heavy fines and delays. However, working with a professional like ACT PRO ensures that all procedures carried out are accurate and in order. In addition, ACT PRO takes responsibility on fines incurred or delays caused by our action.

4. Dedicated Accounts Manager

 ACT PRO account managers handle all challenging procedures. They keep the client updated with all necessary information while managing and liaising with PRO’s internally.

5. Renewal Reminders

ACT PRO keeps a record of all necessary company and employee documentation. This helps us provide timely reminders when license, visa renewal processes need to be initiated. We program these reminders as per the needs of every client. These reminders are sent out 60 & 30 days before the due date, giving the client enough time to plan the way ahead.

6. 100% Transparency

You can be rest assured that you will get complete and accurate information on costs and procedures from our account managers. We provide our clients the original as well as copies of the supporting bills along with reconciled statements per job. Also, ACT charges all government fees at actual.

7. Reduce Costs of Running of PRO-Admin Department

ACT PRO’s Corporate PRO Packages eliminates the need for in-house administrative and PRO departments. This minimizes fixed costs and overheads such as allowances, recruitment, location, and training. Other employee expenses such as insurance, airfare, annual leave, and overheads are also reduced. It is cost-effective to outsource your PRO services and gain the expertise of several professionals instead of one in-house individual.

8. Hassle-Free

Our Account Managers handle the tasks and keep you informed of the progress of the job every step of the way. You will receive regular updates on government department procedures, company and labour laws, and best practices. Because of this, you can leave the worrying to us and enjoy your hassle-free PRO processing.

9. CRM Managed

Our CRM system keeps track of all documents, provide reminders, and is regularly updated to better assist our clients. Your data is safe as our CRM system is custom designed and guarantees safety.

10. Focus on your core business

 ACT PRO and Business services have a highly experienced team in place to assist companies with seamless Government Liaison Services in Dubai and UAE. Our team ensures good client communication, follow-ups, and tracking of processes and documents. So, you can concentrate on your core business and activity.

Outsourcing PRO services with ACT does not only get you the above benefits. It also provides you with a growth partner, an assistant in streamlining your business and providing a support system for your expanding business. This is the reason we pride ourselves on being one of the best PRO service providers in Dubai.