Advantages of Outsourcing PRO Services to ACT

Outsourcing PRO Services in Dubai

Outsourcing PRO services will help your company to save time, money, and get transparent pro services in Dubai

If you’ve made your way to this blog, we know that you have in the past been in a situation where a simple visa procedure has dragged on, and an alternative to standing in the never-ending queue has already somewhat convinced you that outsourcing your Corporate PRO Service requirements is the right step moving forward.

Here’s why you should outsource to a PRO company in Dubai

ACT PRO offers companies in the UAE, PRO contracts that cover the management of all government-related activities. Signing a PRO Services contract with a bespoke PRO company in Dubai gives you the following benefits:


1. Knowledgeable Partner

Working in the PRO and government procedural industry, we are up to date on every little change in the rules and regulations, enabling us to educate you and process things accurately and quickly.


2. Save Time

With our expertise and understanding of PRO procedures in the UAE, we ensure that time is utilized efficiently in obtaining all permits, visas and other documentation.


3. No More Fines or Delays

Working with a professional like ACT PRO assures that all procedures are carried out in the right way and order, while administration departments within companies lack the expertise and work on trial & error basis, which results in heavy fines and delays. Further, on the occasion that a fine or delay is incurred by the actions of ACT PRO, we undertake the liability.


4. Dedicated Accounts Manager

Our account managers are trained to handle all procedures, they ensure that the client is updated with all necessary information while managing and liaising with PROs internally on all jobs.


5. Renewal Reminders

ACT PRO keeps a record of all necessary company and employee documentation and provides timely reminders when license, visa renewal processes must be initiated.


6. 100% Transparency

In addition, to complete information from Account Managers about the procedure, we also believe in complete transparency in providing information and the procedural costs involved. For this reason, all government charges involved are charged at actuals with copies of supporting bills.


7. Reduce Costs of Running of PRO-Admin Department

ACT PRO’s Corporate PRO Packages eliminates the need for in-house administrative and PRO department. This saves the company running costs on staff; salaries, gratuities, leave expenses and miscellaneous expenses that come with the running and maintaining of a department.


8. Hassle-Free

With our account managers managing the PROs and informing you of the progress of the job every step of the way, you can leave the worrying to us and enjoy your hassle-free PRO processing.


9. CRM Managed

Our CRM managed the system, keeps tracks of all documents, provides reminders and is regularly updated to better assist our clients.


10. Focus on your core business

Outsourcing your PRO needs lets you concentrate all your attention on your core business activity and invest the money saved on admin costs into developing more business.


Outsourcing PRO services with ACT PRO does not only get you the above benefits, but it also provides you with a growth partner, to assist you in streamlining your business and providing a support system for your expanding business.

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