Local Business Sponsor & Service Agent Services


Local Business Sponsor

What is a Local Business Sponsor (Nominee partner / Sleeping partner) or Local Service agent?

A Local sponsor or a Local Service Agent is an individual or corporate vehicle that meets the UAE companies law and regulatory requirements for Non-UAE or GCC nationals (Foreign investors) who want to invest and operate and set up a company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or anywhere in the UAE.

It is mandatory for foreign investors to hold either a Local Emirati Sponsor or a Local Service Agent. This can be an individual or corporate structure for onshore companies as per the UAE law. This allows onshore companies to hold labour and immigration files and complete the incorporation process of setting up a company. By completing this process companies can then employ individuals and issue residency visa allowing employees and investors to legally work.


Nominee Partner (Sleeping Partner) in LLCs

The UAE Companies and Civil Law state that to start an LLC company, a minimum of 51% equity must be owned by a UAE national. This applies to mainland onshore location which is a non-offshore or non-free zone location. Only UAE nationals, or companies owned wholly by UAE nationals, meet the legal Partner requirement for foreign investors setting up LLC onshore.


Local Service Agent

The following legal forms require a service agent to support the company set up and operations in the UAE:

The first being a Branch of a foreign company which can be either a representative office or a full foreign branch office.  A representative office is a sales and marketing office and cannot commercially trade. A full foreign branch office holds the same activities provided by the mother company and can commercially trade.

The second legal form being a sole establishment, which a single owned company by an individual.

The third legal form is a civil company, which is a partnership with foreign and non-foreign investors owning 100% of the equity combined as individuals. The service agents used in these legal forms generally do not hold the equity or are involved in the company operations.  The provision of service agent services is charge per annum on a lump sum basis.


Importance of selecting the right Local Agent or Sponsor

Business is booming in the UAE. Entrepreneurs from around the world are actively looking to make the most of the current trends. Due to the local laws and restrictions in place for foreign-owned companies and investors, it is important to have the right partner. The right partner who can add value to your investment and protect your rights in the business and the UAE. This partner should help in the smooth establishment of your business, advise on local compliance and law and provide connections. This will help you to make your business a success. Considering the diversity of the market makes it even more important to have a well-connected agent on the ground who adds real value to support your company.


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